SteverenoDotNet Gets a Banner

I?m getting rusty on my ability to do web page creation.

I wanted to add a banner to my web log and include an ?about? link to open a small window that has disclaimer information. I fired up Macromedia Fireworks and created my banner, exported it to a gif and I had my banner ready to go. 

In my ?about? window I didn?t want the address bar, toolbar, scrollbar to show and wanted the window that opens to be 400 pixels by 200 pixels.  I thought I would look in Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and find the tools I needed to make this happen but they weren?t there. I did a search in help and couldn?t find what I needed.  I have been using FrontPage before Microsoft bought it and it has evolved into a decent authoring tool but it does have its limit.

Anyway, I couldn?t remember how to do what I wanted but I did remember has a lot of scripts I could use for the task. Found a script to open the window in the size I wanted and found another script to use a button to close the ?about? window.

Went to FrontPage and created the pages I needed with my scripts in the right places. So far so good.

Since my web log runs on PHP, once I had saved my pages in HTML format I was able to rename the pages with a .php extension and they worked fine. Sure glad FrontPage recognizes PHP.

Unfortunately FrontPage gives you a code viewer only for PHP pages and no WYSIWYG but we?re not talking about complicated pages so it worked out.

Mission accomplished.

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