Iraq - Let’s Get It Done

We have a lot of bad guys holed up in Najaf and Falluja. It’s time to let the Marines do their job and get it done once and for all.

When Muqtada al-Sadar and his terrorist thugs get cornered, they want to negotiate. Once they have enough men fired up for another offensive, its back to attacks against our troops and kidnapping of foreigners. This had become an established pattern from al-Sadar, this alleged “holy man.” 

If thugs and hoodlums were holy then I guess that this guy would be a “holy man.” To me he is just another agent of the Axis of evil and should be dealt a swift and deadly blow.

Americans are trying to be respectful of ancient shrines and landmarks but the terrorists use this against us and hide within the walls. It should be standard policy that if you hide in a shrine the shrine becomes a military target and is reduced to rubble. It’s time to start leveling the areas that these bad guys hole up in and let Iraq get on with the building of their country.

A recent letter from a Marine in Falluja says the Iraqis have lost their patience and are ready for the Marines to “rubble it.”

I say, let’s get it done.

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