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Robert Scoble’s blog “Scobleizer”  is at the top of my RSS aggregator. There is a reason for this. I scan his blog every day for ideas and trends in technology and business.  Robert works for Microsoft. His blog effort is huge and a must read for anyone working in computer technology.

He has a recent article about new blogs which included Tom Peters web log.

Tom Peters has revised his home page to a web log format. If you are in business this is a great resource.

Tom Peters is a business consultant to organizations all over the country. Where else can you get free business ideas from someone like Tom Peters? I am sorry to say that there is no RSS feed as of yet, (why?) but I think that is in the works.

Just as an example, Tom Peters blog has a link to a Microsoft case study on The Nassal Company’s use of Tablet PC’s and Microsoft’s One Note Program.

This interests me because I believe that the Tablet PC is going to be a huge benefit to businesses large and small. When I think of the possibilities that this technology can yield I come up with a big list.

Also, Microsoft’s One Note application is something I use a lot. Mater of fact, I use One Note to compose my web log entries before I post them. (Now if it just had a way to post directly to my blog that would be pretty cool.)

Anyway, my point, one weblog leads to another weblog and leads to a article that increases my knowledge on things that can directly benefit my application of technologies

My advice, put the Scobleizer in your RSS aggregator and read it. What? You don’t have a RSS aggregator, Robert Scoble has lots of links to many different aggregators just read his blog.

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