Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thermal Conversion Process Converts Waste To Oil And Gas

Imagine if you could take waste products like sewage, tires, plastics, municipal garbage, animal and agricultural waste, and turn it into a light Texas crude oil, natural gas, fertilizer, carbon and sterilized water. Imagine that;

The process supplies it’s own energy and is 85% efficient.

It supplies a renewable source of energy.

It does no harm to the environment and actually solves environmental problems faced by many municipalities and industries .

It is estimated that conversion of agricultural waste could produce four billion barrels of oil a year.

This is a technology that is available right now.

The Thermal Conversion Process (TCP), is a patented process invented by Changing World Technologies. It is based on thermal depolymerization, the same process that the Earth uses to create crude oil.

Changing World Technologies in a joint venture with ConAgra Foods, has formed a new company called, Renewable Environmental Solutions. The processing plant located in Carthage, Missouri, uses TCP to dispose of agricultural waste material. The plant, when running at full capacity will dispose of 200 tons of agricultural waste and produce 500 barrels of oil a day.

Discover Magazine has a good article on the process and the company.

The United States could become energy self sufficient if this technology was applied across the nation. The process takes waste that poses an environmental challenge to dispose of and converts it to energy. To me, this is a win win process all the way around.

I sure hope it doesn’t get ignored.

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jkOnTheRun Takes PowerPoint To A New Level With A Tablet PC

JKOTR uses the power of the Tablet OS for an engaging PowerPoint presentation.

“I started annotating the slides to point out the particulars I felt were important, adding notes as we went and drawing attention to points of interest by circling them with the pen.? This turned a static slideshow into an interactive session and I quickly drew the small audience in.”

The power of the Tablet PC turned the presentation into a sale. Good read?.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

RSS Feeds - Stevereno Dot Net

RSS feeds for Stevereno Dot Net have moved. RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds are available.

If you have RSS linked to this website in your aggregator you will have to re-fresh the link.

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Comments Open Again - Spammer Bots Foiled

I have completely changed the blog to prevent spammers from filling comment fields with garbage. You will notice a thing called “Captcha” at the bottom of a comment form. This prevents automated spammer bots from spamming the comments.

I think that this is a better alternative than closing comments or requiring registration to post.

Comments are back. The only thing required to comments is your e-mail address and typing in the Captcha word when you submit.

Spammer bots be gone!

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