Thursday, September 30, 2004

Nothing But Steam Emissions

Reuters has the goods on a hydrogen powered BMW that emits nothing but steam out the exaust pipe.

Is there a hydrogen powered production car in ther somewhere?

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Hurricane Jeanne - Aftermath

Power was out at my place until Monday afternoon.  I was fortunate to have power restored so soon. Other people that I know are still without power.

I lost two trees, two big branches and one shingle during hurricane Jeanne. I believe that winds in our area reached 70 mph in gusts. Jeanne’s center came within 30 miles of here and certainly did a lot of damage in the neighborhood.

I will be glad once hurricane season is over. I almost feel like I should move and build a new house out of steel reinforced concrete with at least one room that has a steel reinforced concrete ceiling. I currently live in a wood frame house. Sleeping during all the howling winds was a bit un-nerving at first but I knew I could trust the Lord to look over us. I prayed that the house would be spared from damage and it was.

Praise God for getting us through another hurricane. The older I get the bigger God becomes. I have been blessed beyond belief.

Oh please, no more hurricanes for Florida. I don’t think Florida can take another one.

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