Sunday, September 05, 2004

Power Is Out Again

Sunday Morning, 4:52 the power has gone out. The roar of the wind outside has not subsided since last night. The wind was still blowing out of the Northwest and Hurricane Frances was still making it’s way on shore. She was taking her time doing so. This was now getting kind of scary.

Since I had lost power I could no longer track the weather online. Up to this point I could connect to the Melbourne radar and know what was coming by looking at the feeder bands rotating around the eye of the storm. Now all I had was a couple of Orlando AM radio stations to rely on for the latest updates. The roaring wind continued all day.

At 4:34 PM the lights flickered for a few seconds but power was not restored. I called the city utility company and they indicated that 75% of the city was without power and they are unable to send out crews due to the high wind.

My wife Tina fired up the charcoal grill on the screen porch and cooked a nice hot meal and we had dinner. Hurricane Frances was still pounding Florida but the winds had let up some.

A little bit after dinner the wind switched direction and started blowing from the south and picking up speed again. We went to bed and tried to sleep. Sleep is difficult. The wind outside is roaring again and did so all night and in to the morning.

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Squalls And More Rain, Lots Of Rain

On radar a bright red and yellow band of rain passed overhead. It was raining real hard here for about 30 minutes. Rain and lots of wind. It’s hard to think about sleeping now. The wind is blowing out of the Northeast.

At 1:00 AM wind velocity is steady 24 mph with gusts to 38 mph according to the official hourly data from the National Weather Service.

I for one, will be glad when this thing is over. It’s not bad right now the rain has stopped but the wind continues. It is now making that whistling sound that wasn’t apparent before the squall line passed by. The radio reports from around the state have high winds from Miami to Jacksonville. This thing is so big it’s covering the state. It’s moving again at about 5 mph. The eye of the storm is 60 miles across and from what I saw on the radar it looks like the eye is moving West for now. It’s a long night ahead.

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Power Is Out

We lost power at 6:50 PM during a period of wind and rain. We are barely on the edge of the storm and did not expect to loose power so soon. I called the city utility company and they were holding back sending out a crew until the current rain band passed. They indicated that it would be at least another 15 minutes. At 7:20 two big yellow utility trucks drove past our house on their way to restore power. A little bit later,  two more trucks passed by, one with
A brand new, shiny utility pole. I guess one of the utility poles must have broken or was damaged by nearby trees.

11:18 PM power is restored. Nice to have the air conditioning and refrigerator back on line. Time to try to get some sleep but it’s going to be hard to sleep soundly.

Hurricane Frances was moving but has stopped moving again right after making landfall on Florida’s South East coast. Tornado warnings are in affect until 8:00 AM.  This is one big scary storm.

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