Friday, June 25, 2004

Critical Trojan in the Wild - Download.Ject

There is a vulnerability in Internet Information Server 5.0 that was reported today. Websites can become infected and then infect visitors to the web sites on the infected machine. However, that being said if the System has been patched with update 835732 the system will not have the vulnerability.

Just another reason to keep your system up to date. On the client side you will be protected if you keep your antivirus updated and your security settings for Internet Explorer set properly.

For details see this Microsoft Bulletin.

A technical look at the problem can be found on SANS Internet Storm Center Handlers Diary dated June 25th.


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Word as a Mail Editor - Why?

I had taken a support call recently where a client had problems forwarding an HTML e-mail from Outlook XP.  I took a look at the settings for mail format and Outlook was using Word as the e-mail editor. I unchecked the box to use Word and had the client retry forwarding his HTML e-mail again and it worked fine.

Here’s my point. I never use Word to format e-mail. I really have found no redeeming value for Word as a e-mail editor. The native Outlook message client works just fine for me.  I can understand using WordMail in the past with the Exchange client but that seems like ages ago now. Outlook does such a good job with the built in editor I don’t understand why people still cling to using Word for this function.

All I know is anytime there is trouble sending an e-mail message the first place to look is in the Mail Format sections and un check Word as an e-mail editor. I know it’s a “feature” I just wonder if it hasn’t lasted beyond it’s useful life.


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