Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Private Space Plane Due for Suborbital Flight.

June 21st, Burt Ratan plans to fly to an altitude of 100 kilometers with SpaceShipOne, a privately built space plane. 100 kilometers is considered to be the edge of outer space. The flight will be unmanned but later they will fly 3 individuals to the same height.

The effort is sponsored by Paul Allen of Microsoft fame. For more details about this incredible effort MSNBC has the full story.

The space plane has already flown to an altitude of 200,000 feet. Bringing space travel to he masses, Burt Ratan may take his place next to Ford and Edison as another American pioneer.

Godspeed SpaceShipOne??

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George W. Bush Visits The Troops in Tampa Florida

President Bush visited MacDill Air Force in Tampa today. I was able to hear 30 minutes of his speech on a local radio station and was impressed by how much our troops love the Commander in Chief. The cheers were loud and went on for a long time and often during his speech which was broadcast to our troops all over the globe. Fox News has the story.

Some of the things that have not been covered by the media, ie the “Democratic National Committee Media Echo Chamber,” were the visits from the new leaders of Afghanistan and Iraq to Washington DC. Both leaders praised the United States and thanked us and our troops for making the sacrifice to bring freedom to their people.

From the President’s speech, “Yesterday, President Karzai of Afghanistan came to the White House and to the U.S. Capitol, and thanked the American people for helping to free his country and for being a friend to the Afghan people. The President of Iraq came to America last week and expressed his gratitude for the sacrifices of the American people and our troops. These two Presidents, and the nations they serve, know the character of the American Armed Forces, They’re seeing the nature of your mission, as well. We have come not to conquer, but to liberate people, and we will stand with them until their freedom is secure.”

One thing is for sure, even though our troops have hard and dangerous work in some very bad conditions they support their Commander in Chief and love him dearly.

America is fortunate to have a President that knows what is required to lead the Nation in this time of war.


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