Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Talk To Your Browser

Opera is developing a internet browser that you can talk to.

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Where Are The High Performance “Slate” Tablet PCs?

I am wondering, where are the high performance Slate Tablet PCs? There are plenty of Convertible and Hybrid Tablet PCs but try to find a Slate Tablet PC. The best you can do is a Electrovaya with a Intel Centrino processor at 1.2 GHz.

Hey, I don’t want to carry around a keyboard! I want to do speech to text or handwriting to text and have a light weight tablet instead of the 4 pounds plus convertible or hybrid tablet. How are you going to embrace the technology if you are still depending on a keyboard?  Tablet PCs should have you thinking outside the box and not depending on old technology like a keyboard.  Give me a Bluetooth headset and let me talk to my Tablet PC.

Gateway comes out with a new 1.6GHz convertible Tablet PC but their Slate Model is still at 1.0GHz. How am I expected to embrace the technology when I can buy a laptop with higher performance at a cheaper price than a Tablet PC.

HP comes out with a new “rugged” Tablet PC  and it’s a Pentium III at 900 MHz!

Give me a break!

It’s more than $3,500.00!


Sure, its Mil Spec and maybe good for EMT’s, Insurance Adjusters and whoever else is going to be hard on their PC but where is the justification for low performance and high price?

In my opinion a Tablet PC should be a Slate, it should be high performance, have a long battery life, be lightweight and the price ought to be in line with laptop pricing. I haven’t found one that meets my requirements yet.

I’m still looking.

What are you looking for in your Tablet PC?

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Friday, March 19, 2004

UFO streaks through Martian sky

The remote rover on Mars  spots a UFO streaking across the sky.  It may be one of ours. 

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Mysterious Object Orbiting the Sun

A mysterious object has been detected orbiting the far reaches of our solar system.  NASA will tell the world in a briefing on Monday. Check the link , NASA promises information by 1:00PM Monday on their web site wiith data.

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Robert Scoble is an Educator

Oh sure, Scoble is prolific in his bogging effort and writes about a lot of stuff. On any given day there is always something in his blog that is interesting and useful. A lot of times it leads you to someone else’s blog that provides information you would not find elsewhere. You learn something new and that new knowledge becomes part of your education. 

Today Robert has a link to Maxim Karpov’s blog where Maxim explains what Sharepoint is and the difference between Sharepoint Services and the Sharepoint Portal Server. This is good stuff.

Karpov also has XML links to 6 other blogs with development tips and other Sharepoint information.

I want our organization to leverage Sharepoint services for our team. Thanks to Scoble’s link to Karpov’s blog I have found more ammunition to make my case to management. The educational value that is gained here is what makes blogs so great.

I use a RSS aggregator web part on my Server’s Sharepoint service to wade through the blogosphere faster and more efficiently. Karpov placed XML links right in his article which was a nice touch. This saved time finding the XML on the individual sites.


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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Mr. President, Don?t Stop Reminding Us About 9/11

On September 14, 2001 George W. Bush arrived at Ground Zero and visited with the rescue workers. It was a defining moment of his presidency. Amid cheers from the firefighters and rescue workers President Bush climbed on top of a heavily damaged fire truck, megaphone in hand he addressed the crowd. ?I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you. The people who knocked down this building will hear all of us soon.? The chants of USA, USA, USA, from the workers drowned out the President.

It’s now an election year and the Democrats are whining about George W. Bush’s use of 9/11 images in his political advertisements. On Friday, the morning news shows presented several 9/11 victim’s families. They were expressing their outrage that George W. Bush had the nerve to include 9/11 images in his advertisements. It was interesting to me that, where ever these families appeared, the “talking points” coming from them and the media echo chamber were, word for word, the same. In each appearance, it was apparent that they had been prepared and coached for the exact moment that George W. Bush used 9/11 as a focal point of his campaign. It was no coincidence. 

I expect the President to include 9/11 images in his advertisements. It is important for us as a Nation to never forget what happened that day. In this time of peril it appears the Democrats are working hard to undermine the President’s effort to go after those who would do us harm.

Thomas Jefferson said, “A nation, while it holds together, is strong against its enemies, but, breaking into parts, it is easily destroyed.” 

Is it the goal of the Democrats to allow our Nation to be destroyed?

Thomas Jefferson also said, “Should foreign nations… deceived by [an] appearance of division and weakness, render it necessary to vindicate by arms the injuries to our country, I believe… that the spirit of the revolution is un-extinguished, and that the cultivators of peace will again, as on that occasion, be transformed at once into a nation of warriors who will leave us nothing to fear for the natural and national rights of our country.”

Our nation under the leadership of our President, George W. Bush has reacted exactly as Jefferson expected. 9/11 is a defining moment for our nation. We should be united, everyone of us!

How is it that the Democrats want to divide our nation for political gain? To me their behavior borders on sedition and at worse, treason.

This is the time that we need to put aside political differences and unite behind our Commander in Chief. Our nation’s survival depends on it.


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