Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Outlook?s Spam Filter is Awesome

I have been using Outlook 2003 for the past 3 months. There are a couple of features in Outlook I really like.

The SPAM filter works great. I spent about 2 weeks marking junk mail as junk when it came in my inbox. After that time I seldom receive any e-mail that I don?t want to receive.

Outlook also has a feature that doesn?t show graphic images unless you ask it to.  Messages open fast and I am sure that by not connecting to the images, you are not announcing your presence to spammers who may be tracking messages that are opened by the number of views they get.  I kind of consider this to be a security feature.

All in all I am pleased with the new version of Outlook.


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Clear Channel Dumps Howard Stearns

I never did care for Howard Stern. Consequently I never listened to his show. Clear Channel has a new standard for responsible broadcasting and Howard didn?t make the cut. Here?s the latest from Yahoo, Howard Stern Show Taken Off Clear Channel Stations.

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Windows XP SP2 may be an completely new OS

Looks like Windows XP Service Pack 2 adds so many features that its a new OS, this article from the Microsoft Watch website, Microsoft Adds More Features to XP Service Pack 2

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Microsoft Campus Tour

Dylan Greene has a great tour of the Microsoft Campus at Redmond

He even has a peek into the office of that preeminent Microsoft Bolger, Robert Scoble

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