Tuesday, February 24, 2004

John Kerry can’t tell the truth.

Over the weekend John Kerry was on one of the Sunday news talk shows. He was talking about how he voted for all major defense bills. Unfortunately, that is not the truth.

If John Kerry had his way we would not have been able to fight the war on terror. He voted against the following defense systems.

The B-1 bomber.
The B-2 bomber.
The F-15 Eagle tactical fighter
The F-14D Tomcat fighter
The AH-64 Apache Helicopter
The AV-8B Harrier “jump” jet
The Patriot Missile
The Aegis air-defense system
The Trident missile

Kerry also voted to cut funding for the following:

The M1 Abrams tank
The Bradley Fighting Vehicle
The Tomahawk cruise missile
The F-16 Falcon fighter/attack jet

Perhaps you have forgotten why we need to have a strong military.  In case you have go here for a lesson in reality.

Bill Clinton and his administration was viewed as weak by the Arab world. Al-Qaida thought they could do anything thay wanted to America and we would just take it. They were wrong.  They just didn’t get it.

Ronald Regan said, “Peace through strength is an idea that never goes out of style.”  Regan understood the nature of the world. He got it!

Unfortunately, for John Kerry, he just doesn’t get it. 

Fortunately for America, George W Bush does.

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Linux more vulnerable than Windows

According to a survey in the UK Linux Servers are more likely to be attacked that Windows based systems.

From a ZDNet UK article   “However, the sharp rise in Linux breaches probably reflects a lack of training and deployment expertise rather than inherent security problems within Linux, mi2g officials suggested.”

Perhaps Microsoft’s security initiatives are working. Last year Windows composed 51% of the compromised systems in the same survey, this year they were at 20%.  The article points out the real problem of securing Linux. Poor understanding of how to secure the Linux OS and lack of training may be to blame.

The real message here is that you better understand how to secure Linux in your environment or you are going to have problems.  This is not a place for amateurs or inexperienced support personnel.

All the good distributions of Linux offer a support contract - buy it and use it.

And you thought open source software was free. Yeah, right!

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