Tuesday, February 17, 2004

What about Linux on the Desktop? Not so fast there boss man!

Before you let your boss buy in to moving Linux to the Desktop, you might want to have him read David Howe’s article.  Can Linux Make It Mainstream?

You also might want to point out the reason that Microsoft dominates the client/server market. This study from the Harvard Business School spells it out.  It’s not because Microsoft is this big giant bully. Heck no! It’s about inovation…..

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Windows-to-Linux roadmap

What happens when the boss walks in and informs you, “we’re moving to Linux.” 

Only problem is you’re background is in Microsoft products and you thought they would never introduce Linux to your environment.

Take heart, IBM comes to the rescue with the Windows-to-Linux roadmap.

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Karaoke’s Cinematic Offspring, Movieoke

There was Karaoke, now there?s Movieke.

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