Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Poisoning the roots of the techno-boom

Jeff Taylor nails it in this article in salon.com, Poisoning the roots of the techno-boom.

Jeff’s point, “very little attention is being paid to a key point: The rush to outsourcing is undermining the economic foundation on which the United States’ technology sector is built.”

And has anyone in their hot pursuit of cheap labor through outsourcing thought about the consequences?

“if everyone outsources and the technology base dries up, everyone loses.”

“What is the long-term impact on the economy of losing a large number of high-paying jobs? Perhaps high-paying jobs provide a value to society that exceeds their value to a company.”

“Too much of the media coverage of outsourcing has focused on its impact at the individual level—on the plight of workers whose jobs are disappearing. We need to take another step back, to consider the long-term effects of the outsourcing trend, at both company level and national level.”

I say we are selling America out for cheap labor. We are going to regret it in the long run.

Go read Jeff Taylor’s article, and think about it.




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