Sunday, February 01, 2004

Securing Wireless Clients

I am working on a project on my test network to secure wireless comunication based on Windows 2003 Server Certificates.

I’m using the following Microsoft document for a guide, Securing Wireless LANs - A Windows Server 2003 Certificate Services Solution

Untill now, high speed internet wasn’t available in my neighorhood. Comcast is hooking me up next week.  I live in the country and have had to suffer with dialup for too long.  Having high speed internet is going to improve my skills in securing not only my wireless connection but it will give me good practice locking down my ISA server and doing intrusion detection.

I’m using a Microsoft solution for the project so I can gain some real world experience integrating all the components together. Hopefully it will translate to consulting $$ later on.

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Still Searching For a Tablet PC

I found the Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2010

I haven’t much knowledge of the manufacturer Electrovaya but this thing runs 8 plus hours on a single charge. It makes sense to match the business day with hardware that will keep up.


1) Over 8 hours of battery life.
2) Latest Intel M Pentium Processor


1) Weight 3.1 Lbs

I think this one is a contender.

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