Sunday, February 29, 2004

What Functionality Changes Does Windows XP Service Pack 2 Bring?

This is a December 2003 TechNet document, Changes to Functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Windows XP SP2 is out in Beta now. You might want to take a look at the features so you will be prepared for the release. Security is going to be a big part of the release. The firewall is turned on by default. That could break some things that require specific port access to the internet. Shouldn?t be hard to fix, I think they have a wizard for setting up the firewall.


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US Senate Proposing the Spyblock Act - Anti Spyware legislation

I have removed more Spyware from systems lately than I ever have. This is a huge problem even for locked down XP systems where the user does not have write access to install programs. The US Senate is proposing new regulation for spyware according to an article in PC World; Anti-Spyware Law Proposed.

The real irony of the PC World article is that it has two advertisements that have ad trackers on the page. To me this is a form of spyware in itself


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Thursday, February 26, 2004

SteverenoDotNet Gets a Banner

I?m getting rusty on my ability to do web page creation.

I wanted to add a banner to my web log and include an ?about? link to open a small window that has disclaimer information. I fired up Macromedia Fireworks and created my banner, exported it to a gif and I had my banner ready to go. 

In my ?about? window I didn?t want the address bar, toolbar, scrollbar to show and wanted the window that opens to be 400 pixels by 200 pixels.  I thought I would look in Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and find the tools I needed to make this happen but they weren?t there. I did a search in help and couldn?t find what I needed.  I have been using FrontPage before Microsoft bought it and it has evolved into a decent authoring tool but it does have its limit.

Anyway, I couldn?t remember how to do what I wanted but I did remember has a lot of scripts I could use for the task. Found a script to open the window in the size I wanted and found another script to use a button to close the ?about? window.

Went to FrontPage and created the pages I needed with my scripts in the right places. So far so good.

Since my web log runs on PHP, once I had saved my pages in HTML format I was able to rename the pages with a .php extension and they worked fine. Sure glad FrontPage recognizes PHP.

Unfortunately FrontPage gives you a code viewer only for PHP pages and no WYSIWYG but we?re not talking about complicated pages so it worked out.

Mission accomplished.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Outlook?s Spam Filter is Awesome

I have been using Outlook 2003 for the past 3 months. There are a couple of features in Outlook I really like.

The SPAM filter works great. I spent about 2 weeks marking junk mail as junk when it came in my inbox. After that time I seldom receive any e-mail that I don?t want to receive.

Outlook also has a feature that doesn?t show graphic images unless you ask it to.  Messages open fast and I am sure that by not connecting to the images, you are not announcing your presence to spammers who may be tracking messages that are opened by the number of views they get.  I kind of consider this to be a security feature.

All in all I am pleased with the new version of Outlook.


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Clear Channel Dumps Howard Stearns

I never did care for Howard Stern. Consequently I never listened to his show. Clear Channel has a new standard for responsible broadcasting and Howard didn?t make the cut. Here?s the latest from Yahoo, Howard Stern Show Taken Off Clear Channel Stations.

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Windows XP SP2 may be an completely new OS

Looks like Windows XP Service Pack 2 adds so many features that its a new OS, this article from the Microsoft Watch website, Microsoft Adds More Features to XP Service Pack 2

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Microsoft Campus Tour

Dylan Greene has a great tour of the Microsoft Campus at Redmond

He even has a peek into the office of that preeminent Microsoft Bolger, Robert Scoble

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

John Kerry can’t tell the truth.

Over the weekend John Kerry was on one of the Sunday news talk shows. He was talking about how he voted for all major defense bills. Unfortunately, that is not the truth.

If John Kerry had his way we would not have been able to fight the war on terror. He voted against the following defense systems.

The B-1 bomber.
The B-2 bomber.
The F-15 Eagle tactical fighter
The F-14D Tomcat fighter
The AH-64 Apache Helicopter
The AV-8B Harrier “jump” jet
The Patriot Missile
The Aegis air-defense system
The Trident missile

Kerry also voted to cut funding for the following:

The M1 Abrams tank
The Bradley Fighting Vehicle
The Tomahawk cruise missile
The F-16 Falcon fighter/attack jet

Perhaps you have forgotten why we need to have a strong military.  In case you have go here for a lesson in reality.

Bill Clinton and his administration was viewed as weak by the Arab world. Al-Qaida thought they could do anything thay wanted to America and we would just take it. They were wrong.  They just didn’t get it.

Ronald Regan said, “Peace through strength is an idea that never goes out of style.”  Regan understood the nature of the world. He got it!

Unfortunately, for John Kerry, he just doesn’t get it. 

Fortunately for America, George W Bush does.

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Linux more vulnerable than Windows

According to a survey in the UK Linux Servers are more likely to be attacked that Windows based systems.

From a ZDNet UK article   “However, the sharp rise in Linux breaches probably reflects a lack of training and deployment expertise rather than inherent security problems within Linux, mi2g officials suggested.”

Perhaps Microsoft’s security initiatives are working. Last year Windows composed 51% of the compromised systems in the same survey, this year they were at 20%.  The article points out the real problem of securing Linux. Poor understanding of how to secure the Linux OS and lack of training may be to blame.

The real message here is that you better understand how to secure Linux in your environment or you are going to have problems.  This is not a place for amateurs or inexperienced support personnel.

All the good distributions of Linux offer a support contract - buy it and use it.

And you thought open source software was free. Yeah, right!

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Linux Vendors Warn of Flaws

The Linux Kernal has a serious defect that would allow anyone that exploited it “full privileges” on a Linux system. Fortunately in order to exploit the defect you would have to have local user access.

Newsfactor has the details

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Today is George Washington’s birthday

George Washington’s birthday is today.  Our First President was the model of virtue and integrity. Here are a few quotes from leaders of the day.

Gen. Henry Lee: “To his equals he was condescending, to his inferiors kind ... Vice shuddered in his presence, and virtue always felt his fostering hand. The purity of his private character gave effulgence to his public virtues.”

David Ramsay, military surgeon: “His private character, as well as his public one, will bear the strictest scrutiny. He ... carried the spirit of piety with him, both in his private life and public administration.”

Gen. Alexander Hamilton: “If virtues can secure happiness in another world, he is happy.”

My hat’s off to the greatest President that this Nation will ever have. The current Politicians in Washington are far removed from the kind of integrity that George Washington demonstrated on a daily basis.

Happy Birthday Mr. President.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Seagate introduces 2.5” drives for the server market.

EETimes has an article on new 2.5” 10,000 rpm server drives from Seagate.  Seagate kicks off server shift to 2.5-inch drives

More storeage in a smaller and smaller space using less power. Wow, that’s got to be a plus for the data center.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

What about Linux on the Desktop? Not so fast there boss man!

Before you let your boss buy in to moving Linux to the Desktop, you might want to have him read David Howe’s article.  Can Linux Make It Mainstream?

You also might want to point out the reason that Microsoft dominates the client/server market. This study from the Harvard Business School spells it out.  It’s not because Microsoft is this big giant bully. Heck no! It’s about inovation…..

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Windows-to-Linux roadmap

What happens when the boss walks in and informs you, “we’re moving to Linux.” 

Only problem is you’re background is in Microsoft products and you thought they would never introduce Linux to your environment.

Take heart, IBM comes to the rescue with the Windows-to-Linux roadmap.

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Karaoke’s Cinematic Offspring, Movieoke

There was Karaoke, now there?s Movieke.

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