Thursday, January 29, 2004

I’m Searching For a Tablet PC

I am looking for a Tablet PC so that I can free my self from my desktop and look at the Tablet PC as a new way of doing old things. 

I want to intergrate the Tablet PC with Microsoft Small Business Server over a wireless network to demonstrate the incredible posibilities this device offers for small business.

I have looked at the current offerings and have narrowed it down to 2 that I like. I have ruled out getting a convertable tablet PC. My first criteria is light weight and having all the other features of a notebook just add weight.

Here are the 2 that I am looking at:

NEC Versa Litepad


1) Weight 2.2Lbs


1) 20Gb Hard drive
2) Intel PIII-M 933Mhz Processor
3) Graphic Processor Performance slow
4) 10.4” Display
5) 2 hour 21 Minute Battery Life

Gateway Tablet PC


1) Intel Pentium M 1 Ghz processor
2) 40Gb Hard Drive
3) 12.1” Display
4) 4 hour Battery Life


Weight 3.0 Lbs

I am still looking. Out of the offerings that I have looked at these are the 2 that I have found that might meet my needs. I still need to find out vital facts like battery life, reliability and find some product reviews. I have heard about a Tablet PC called a Scribbler and I am still looking in to that one because of it’s 8 hour plus battery life.  Will post more at a later date.


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