Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Cisco Source Code Stolen

eWEEK reports that Cisco’s main networking device source code (IOS 12.3 and 12.3t) was “possibly” stolen. 

I just love it when the press reports a break in and then say that something was “possibly” stolen. Give me a break.  If the FBI is investigating and 800MB of source code is missing from Cisco’s corporate offices drop the “possibly” and report the real story.

Cisco 7000 routers run the bulk of the internet backbone. Is the internet now in jeopardy of shutting down from a malicious hacker or terrorist who posses the source code.  Are businesses that use Cisco routers vulnerable? 

I guess we will have to wait and see how this turns out. It sure sounds serious to me.

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Virus Alert - Mac Virus/Trojan Masquerades as a Microsoft Word 2004 Demo

From the unofficalappleweblog, Anyone that is familiar with Microsoft would be highly suspicious of a MS Word 2004 demo that has a file size of around 100kb.  Perhaps the author of this virus/trojan thinks that Mac users wouldn’t be.

When downloaded and executed it wipes out the Home folder.


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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Liquid Cooled Sony Media Center PC

The Gadgets Weblog has the goods on a new liquid cooled Media Center PC from Sony. Built to run quietly. It will be available in the United States next month. It’s a beauty!


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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Turn Your Mac G4 Into A G5

Slip this cover  over your G4 cube and convert it to a G5.  Well, in looks anyway.

Why does a Mac have to look so good? Mac wins against PC’s in asthetics. When I visit the Mac store in Orlando I can’t stop admiring how cool their hardware looks.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Build A PC In This Mac G5 Style Case

I’m a PC guy but really admire the looks of the Mac G5.  Lian-Li has
built a case that has the look of a G5 but accepts ATX (PC) motherboards.  Cooling is provided by 2 120 MM fans and is built of aluminum.

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Friday, April 02, 2004

Tatung 12.1” Slate Tablet PC Weighs In At 2.1 Pounds.

Battery life is still just 4 hours but the weight is just right. It’s not out yet but here are the specs:

12.1” Tablet PC (Centrino)
CPU : Intel Pentium M 1.2GHz/ 900 MHz
Chipset: Intel GMCH-M 855 GM
Memory : 256MB DDR on board
Display :12.1” XGA LCD Panel
12.1” Electromagnetic Digitizer
HDD : 2.5” 60 GB/ 30 GB
Intel Calexico 802.11b/ a+b/ b/g
Fingerprint Recognition
6-cell Li-Ion battery lasts up to 4 hrs
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
USB 2.0 x2 / Modem card v. 92
Docking Station Interface
Keyboard Stand Interface
Standard 15 Pin VGA Out
Headphone Out, Microphone In
RJ45 / RJ11 Modem Port, 10/100 Ethernet

Unfortunately it looks like the pen is attached to the tablet with a wire.  Why?


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Thursday, April 01, 2004

I’ve Changed My Mind About Outsourcing

Outsourcing is actually be good for our country after all. The real danger is an overreaction from our politicians during an election year.

The Heritage Foundation has done some research and presents the Ten Myths about Jobs and Outsourcing helps sets the record straight.

From the article, “The number of jobs coming from other countries to the U.S. (jobs ?insourced?) is growing at a faster rate than jobs lost overseas.”

Their Conclusion, “America’s workers deserve a more informative, less partisan debate on outsourcing. The negative impact of outsourcing on the economy and American employment has been greatly exaggerated, and the benefits of outsourcing almost entirely ignored” is well stated.


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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Talk To Your Browser

Opera is developing a internet browser that you can talk to.

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Where Are The High Performance “Slate” Tablet PCs?

I am wondering, where are the high performance Slate Tablet PCs? There are plenty of Convertible and Hybrid Tablet PCs but try to find a Slate Tablet PC. The best you can do is a Electrovaya with a Intel Centrino processor at 1.2 GHz.

Hey, I don’t want to carry around a keyboard! I want to do speech to text or handwriting to text and have a light weight tablet instead of the 4 pounds plus convertible or hybrid tablet. How are you going to embrace the technology if you are still depending on a keyboard?  Tablet PCs should have you thinking outside the box and not depending on old technology like a keyboard.  Give me a Bluetooth headset and let me talk to my Tablet PC.

Gateway comes out with a new 1.6GHz convertible Tablet PC but their Slate Model is still at 1.0GHz. How am I expected to embrace the technology when I can buy a laptop with higher performance at a cheaper price than a Tablet PC.

HP comes out with a new “rugged” Tablet PC  and it’s a Pentium III at 900 MHz!

Give me a break!

It’s more than $3,500.00!


Sure, its Mil Spec and maybe good for EMT’s, Insurance Adjusters and whoever else is going to be hard on their PC but where is the justification for low performance and high price?

In my opinion a Tablet PC should be a Slate, it should be high performance, have a long battery life, be lightweight and the price ought to be in line with laptop pricing. I haven’t found one that meets my requirements yet.

I’m still looking.

What are you looking for in your Tablet PC?

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Robert Scoble is an Educator

Oh sure, Scoble is prolific in his bogging effort and writes about a lot of stuff. On any given day there is always something in his blog that is interesting and useful. A lot of times it leads you to someone else’s blog that provides information you would not find elsewhere. You learn something new and that new knowledge becomes part of your education. 

Today Robert has a link to Maxim Karpov’s blog where Maxim explains what Sharepoint is and the difference between Sharepoint Services and the Sharepoint Portal Server. This is good stuff.

Karpov also has XML links to 6 other blogs with development tips and other Sharepoint information.

I want our organization to leverage Sharepoint services for our team. Thanks to Scoble’s link to Karpov’s blog I have found more ammunition to make my case to management. The educational value that is gained here is what makes blogs so great.

I use a RSS aggregator web part on my Server’s Sharepoint service to wade through the blogosphere faster and more efficiently. Karpov placed XML links right in his article which was a nice touch. This saved time finding the XML on the individual sites.


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Sunday, February 29, 2004

What Functionality Changes Does Windows XP Service Pack 2 Bring?

This is a December 2003 TechNet document, Changes to Functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Windows XP SP2 is out in Beta now. You might want to take a look at the features so you will be prepared for the release. Security is going to be a big part of the release. The firewall is turned on by default. That could break some things that require specific port access to the internet. Shouldn?t be hard to fix, I think they have a wizard for setting up the firewall.


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US Senate Proposing the Spyblock Act - Anti Spyware legislation

I have removed more Spyware from systems lately than I ever have. This is a huge problem even for locked down XP systems where the user does not have write access to install programs. The US Senate is proposing new regulation for spyware according to an article in PC World; Anti-Spyware Law Proposed.

The real irony of the PC World article is that it has two advertisements that have ad trackers on the page. To me this is a form of spyware in itself


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Thursday, February 26, 2004

SteverenoDotNet Gets a Banner

I?m getting rusty on my ability to do web page creation.

I wanted to add a banner to my web log and include an ?about? link to open a small window that has disclaimer information. I fired up Macromedia Fireworks and created my banner, exported it to a gif and I had my banner ready to go. 

In my ?about? window I didn?t want the address bar, toolbar, scrollbar to show and wanted the window that opens to be 400 pixels by 200 pixels.  I thought I would look in Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and find the tools I needed to make this happen but they weren?t there. I did a search in help and couldn?t find what I needed.  I have been using FrontPage before Microsoft bought it and it has evolved into a decent authoring tool but it does have its limit.

Anyway, I couldn?t remember how to do what I wanted but I did remember has a lot of scripts I could use for the task. Found a script to open the window in the size I wanted and found another script to use a button to close the ?about? window.

Went to FrontPage and created the pages I needed with my scripts in the right places. So far so good.

Since my web log runs on PHP, once I had saved my pages in HTML format I was able to rename the pages with a .php extension and they worked fine. Sure glad FrontPage recognizes PHP.

Unfortunately FrontPage gives you a code viewer only for PHP pages and no WYSIWYG but we?re not talking about complicated pages so it worked out.

Mission accomplished.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Outlook?s Spam Filter is Awesome

I have been using Outlook 2003 for the past 3 months. There are a couple of features in Outlook I really like.

The SPAM filter works great. I spent about 2 weeks marking junk mail as junk when it came in my inbox. After that time I seldom receive any e-mail that I don?t want to receive.

Outlook also has a feature that doesn?t show graphic images unless you ask it to.  Messages open fast and I am sure that by not connecting to the images, you are not announcing your presence to spammers who may be tracking messages that are opened by the number of views they get.  I kind of consider this to be a security feature.

All in all I am pleased with the new version of Outlook.


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Windows XP SP2 may be an completely new OS

Looks like Windows XP Service Pack 2 adds so many features that its a new OS, this article from the Microsoft Watch website, Microsoft Adds More Features to XP Service Pack 2

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